lördag 10 maj 2014

Review: Kiko make up Milano - make up remover wipes

Kiko make up Milano, energizing pure clean – revitalizing make up remover wipes

There are not many make up remover wipes that I like, a lot of times when using them there is not much make up that comes of. I love the Kiko make up Milano brand and the make up remover wipes that they carry I really like, they are the best ones that I tired. I love that they are paraben free and does remove make up, even the mascara! A lot of make up remover wipes that I have used in the past doesn’t remove much of the mascara at all.

I would not suggest to only use make up remover wipes because it will always be some traces of make up left on your skin. However I think they’re great when you have a full face of make up on and get of most of it. Then you can wash of the residue with a gentle facial wash.  With make up remover wipes not all make up will come off but the ones from Kiko actually takes off mascara really well. So it’s ok to be a bit lazy and only use the wipes to remove make up when you get home in the morning after a night out and you want to get in bed as quick as possible. They are also ok to use on there own if you are let’s say camping and don’t have running water.

Best make up remover wipes I’ve tried so far I definitely recommend them.
Rating 4/5 
Xoxo Matilda 

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