tisdag 16 maj 2017

GRWM - Where have I been

Hello there,

Long time no see!  I know I haven't been on Youtube for a long time. I want to start making videos again and in this video I talk about why I haven't uploaded.

I did upload a vlog last week which was filmed on the same day as this video. I have some videos planned to film but please let me know if you have any requests.

Xoxo Matilda

söndag 25 september 2016

Video: sparkly everyday make up look

I have finally uploaded a new video on my Youtube channel. It is a tutorial that I call sparkly everyday make up look. This is my current everyday look, I wanted to show you the make up look I have been wearing for weeks. I hope you enjoy this video,
Xoxo Matilda

torsdag 22 oktober 2015

Tutorial: Naked smoky palette

I love the Urban Decay Naked smoky palette so I decided to show you a look using the palette. There are so many looks you can create with this palette. I hope ypu enjoy this video :)
Xoxo Matilda

tisdag 6 oktober 2015

Video: Collective haul

In this haul video I show you things I have purchased druing the last couple pf weeks. I love watching haul videos and I haven't filmed one myself in a long time. I hope you enjoy!
Xoxo Matilda

söndag 4 oktober 2015

Outfit of the night: Saturday

What I´m wearing:
Dress: Nelly.com
Watch: Michael Kors
Necklace: Edblad 
And I´m wearing my Foxy locks extensions in Caramel blonde, love them!

Xoxo Matilda

torsdag 1 oktober 2015

Glossybox September 2015

What I got in my September 2015 Glossybox:
Deodoc - Daily intimate wash
Benefit Cosmetics -Roller lash Mascara
Glam of Sweden - Caviar pearls
Naked lips - organic tinted lip balm, plush red
Make up store - Microshadow, folklore

The products I´m most excited about are the Benefit mascara and the lip balm. This box was not the best but I think I will use at least three of them. I have tried the roller lash before and I love it. I actually got to try it before it was released. I won a Sephora contest on Instagram :) I have a blogpost about it.

Do you subscribe to Glossybox? Where you happy with your products?
Xoxo Matilda

torsdag 10 september 2015

Glossybox: August 2015

In this video I show you what I got in my Glossybox August 2015. Do you have Glossybox and did you like your box?
Xoxo Matilda