måndag 29 oktober 2012

fredag 26 oktober 2012

Bik Bok by Dyrberg/Kern

I baught theese two beautiful rings at Bik Bok yesterday and they wehere only 49 sek each!
Bik Bok took help from Dyrberg/Kern to create a wonderful collection of jewellery. Have you baught anything from this colelction?
Xoxo Matilda

söndag 21 oktober 2012

Cute iphone case

I got this really cute Iphone case a few days ago, and I love it! I have been wanting a case like this for a while now, but I know that a lot of the stones will probably fall off. I just hope that they stay on for a pretty long time.
Xoxo Matilda

torsdag 18 oktober 2012

On my nails: Femme fatale

On my nails: 641 Femme Fatal - Isadora
I love this dark red nailpolish, it is a great color for fall.
Xoxo Matilda

onsdag 17 oktober 2012

tisdag 16 oktober 2012

Coat from Topshop

Today me and a friend went shopping and one of the things I baught was this coat from Topshop. I have been looking for a fall coat for a while now and I finally found one. There was a pretty big sale so I got this coat for only 400 sek and the original price was 1399 sek. I definitely made a bargain!

lördag 13 oktober 2012

Elf eyebrow kit

I love this eyebrow kit from elf, I have it in the color light. I think that the dark color in the kit might be the same for all colors and the powder comes in different shades. You apply the darker gel with an angled brush and then you set it with the ligh powder.

I found this product easy to use even the brush that came with it worked. I use another angled brush to apply the gel and then I use the brush from the kit to apply the powder. I use a browcomb both before and after I apply the eyebrow kit to get my desired shape.

This is a great product that I highly recommend, I give this product 5/5,
I hope you found this helpful.
Xoxo Matilda

fredag 12 oktober 2012

No mirror make up challenge

I did the no mirror make up challenge, I did better that I expected. It was not good enough though, I would not want to go out with my make up like this.
I hope yopu enjoy the video,
Xoxo Matilda

torsdag 11 oktober 2012

Kiko make up milano, Skin evolution

I baught the skin evolution foundation from Kíko Make up Milano when I went to Barcelona in august. I now feel that I have used it enough to give you a review on it. On the back it says:
"Multi-performace smoothing foundation long-lasting hold, up to 10 hours." I don't think it lasts that long but it does have a good staying-power. It is not as covering as I wish it would be, but it does even out your skin very nice. Your skin looks good but it was a product that was very hard to blend.

Even if this foundation does not cover as much as I would like, I do think it is a nice foundation I just wish was easier to blend. I give this product 3/5 points.
I hope you found this helpful,

torsdag 4 oktober 2012

Fall nails

On my nails: MNY-549
It is a color that is hard to explain, but I am going to try. I would say that it is a mud color with hints/undetones of both gray and purple. I think this is a beautiful color and it is great for fall.
What do you think, do you like this kind of colors on you nails?