måndag 23 juli 2012

Banana and strawberry smoothie

This is not about fahsion or beauty, but I wanted to write this anyways. It is a banana and strawberry smoothie and it is so easy to make! It is also very tasty and healthy :)

All you need to do to make this smoothie is to mix strawberries with one banana and some natural youghurt. If you want to make more than one glass just add more of everything. Just pour it in to a glass and add a straw, now you can enjoy your smoothie!

I f you want to make a milkshake you could just swap the youghurt for icecream and add just a little bit of milk.

Since I did not add any sugar to my smoothie it makes a healthy snack. I also like to drink this after a wok out or just on a hot day during the summer.

I hope you enjoyed this recipe!

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